The main product portfolio of JJM comprises of the following semiconductor devices: uni- & bi-directional thyristors, MOSFETs of split-gate type (SGT) and of trench type and of planar type and of super-junction type, protection devices including electro-static devices (ESDs) with low input capacitance and transient voltage suppressor (TVS) and varistors with low junction capacitance, high-voltage diodes and rectifiers, power transistors etc.

Quality Assurance

Long-term build-up of and continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies set the foundation for innovative development in application.

"Driving" the future by "sensing" to create a world of "chips" based on IoT.


Among the China-based manufacturers, JJM offers the most complete portfolio of "square" uni-directional and bi-directional thyristors.

Top-ranking technological innovation capacity Semiconductor manufacturers of thyristor devices and chip squaring IDMs (integrated component manufacturers, which cover the entire chip industry chain by integrating chip design, manufacturing and package test) in China's sector of power semiconductor device


Leverage AI/IoT/MR to Build a Better Tomorrow

We have a global presence and are always by your side.We have a global presence and are always by your side.


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